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10 Easy and Sexy Eyeliner Styles You can do at Home

Here are some of the easiest eyeliner styles that you can do that will make you look the prettiest in the room.

1. Neatly Drawn Cat Eyes

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This is a style that is easy and makes your eyes look sharp and sexy.

Simply draw a line on your eyelid and the lower part of your eyes and extend the lines in the outer part making a perfect cat-eye style. All you need for it is a slightly steady hand for drawing the wing in the outer of the eyes.

Just use the picture above as a reference or find a million other photos of the same on Google.

2. Natural Eyeliner Styles

When we say natural eyeliner look, we don’t mean makeup-free look. A natural eyeliner style is a neutral eyeshadow color along with black or brown eyeliner to create a natural look.

3. Long-Winged Eyeliner

To create a long-winged eyeliner style, position your eyeliner at the inner corner of your eye. Gradually pull the liner toward the outer part of your eye and flick the eyeliner upwards close to the end of your eyebrow.

4. Vintage-Winged Eyeliners

A vintage-winged eyeliner look is something that is a head-turner for sure. You will look your best and the best in the party you will be attending; might even get lucky, if you catch my drift. *wink wink*

Simply draw the wing at a low angle and highlighting it with some eyeshadow to get a perfect vintage-winged eyeliner style.

5. Swan Eyeliner Styles

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Swan Eyeliner style is something that you’d want to wear in a costume party. It is fun, playful and easy to put on and maintain. You can also have your own fun with the eyeliner by playing around with the eye-shadow.

6. Eyeliner Styles with Pattern

If you’re already a makeup expert then you can probably get imaginative by making your individual style of eyeliner designs. If you’re not a keen makeup artist, you can still create this unbelievable eyeliner idea by using a stencil to draw your favorite designs.

7. Glittery Eyeliner Styles

Incorporate some glitter to your eyeliner by either using a glitter eyeliner pen or applying a glittery eyeshadow over the eyeliner. Apply the glittery eyeshadow immediately after applying the eyeliner while it’s still wet so that the glitter sticks.

8. Peacock Eyeliner Styles

Try this intricate, feathered peacock eyeliner style by applying blue eyeliner to the upper and lower lids. Then, draw feathers with black liquid eyeliner and finish up by applying some green glitter to the feathers using a small eyeshadow applicator.

9. Eyeliner Styles for Beginners

This basic pencil eyeliner style provides definition to your eyes when applied directly across the upper eyelid and finished with a delicate wing.

It’s an easy style to achieve for beginners and can still highlight your eyes even if you’re only learning how to apply eyeliner.

10. Blue Eyeliner Styles for Small Eyes

Adding brilliantly colored eyeliner can make your eyes come into sight larger even if you have tiny eyes. Experiment with some blue eyeliner to enhance the size of your eyes.


Tell us in the comments below which look you like the best. We might dedicate a whole article to it.

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