Radhika Merchant, the glamorous future daughter-in-law of Nita Ambani is now 26 years old

Radhika Merchant, the younger daughter-in-law of Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani, recently celebrated her 26th birthday. The Ambani family was involved in this birthday celebration. Radhika has special bonding with her mother-in-law, Nita Ambani. Radhika is a longtime girlfriend of Anant Ambani, younger son of Nita-Mukesh Ambani.

Anant Ambani had specially invited Radhika Merchant on the occasion of his elder brother Akash Ambani’s wedding. Before that, she also attended Isha Ambani’s wedding. Mukesh Ambani and Viren Merchant (Radhika’s father) have a good friendship.

Both families have been visiting each other already. Viren Merchant is a well-known businessman who has several other companies other than Encore Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

Radhika Merchant has an elder sister, Anjali Merchant, who is married. Rumors of Radhika  and Anant Ambani getting married are going around and, frankly, it does not sound far from the truth.

Radhika Merchant

After Isha Ambani and Akash Ambani’s wedding, everyone is eagerly waiting for Anant Ambani’s wedding. Everyone is eager to know when Anant is going to get married to Radhika Merchant.

Nita Ambani has special bonding with her soon-to-be daughter-in-law Radhika Merchant. Nita  takes great care of Radhika. She loves her no less than her daughter, Isha Ambani. On special occasions, Nita takes Radhika  out with her.

<p>राधिका मर्चेंट अपनी होने वाली सास नीता अंबानी के बहुत करीब तो हैं ही, अंबानी फैमिली के हर मेंबर से उनका बहुत अच्छा संबंध है। अंबानी फैमिली में होने वाले हर फंक्शन में वे जरूर शामिल होती हैं।&nbsp;</p>

While Radhika Merchant is very close to her future mother-in-law, Nita Ambani, she has a great relationship with every member of the Ambani family. They are definitely involved in every function in the Ambani family.

<p>एक पार्टी के दौरान राधिका मर्चेंट अपने होने वाले पति अनंत अंबानी और पिता वीरेन मर्चेंट के साथ। रेड कलर की ड्रेस में राधिका मर्चेंट बहुत ही खूबसूरत दिख रही हैं।&nbsp;</p>

Radhika Merchant with her future husband, Anant Ambani and father, Viren Merchant during a party. Radhika  is looking very beautiful in red color dress.

<p>आकाश अंबानी की शादी के फंक्शन्स में शामिल होने के लिए राधिका मर्चेंट ने कई डिजाइनर ड्रेसेस तैयार करवाई थीं। हर मौके पर वे खास ड्रेस में देखी गईं। राधिका मर्चेंट की यह तस्वीर भी आकाश अंबानी की शादी के मौके की है।&nbsp;</p>

Many designer dresses were designed for Radhika Merchant to attend Akash Ambani’s wedding functions. On every occasion, she was seen in a special dress. This picture of Radhika  is also on the occasion of Akash Ambani’s wedding.

<p>इस तस्वीर में राधिका मर्चेंट अपने होने वाले ससुर मुकेश अंबानी, सास नीता अंबानी और पति अनंत अंबानी के साथ दिख रही हैं। यह खास साड़ी उन्हें नीता अंबानी ने गिफ्ट की है, जिसकी कीमत लाखों में है। नीता अंबानी को खास मौकों पर अपनी बहुओं को साड़ी में देखना काफी पसंद है।&nbsp;</p>

In this picture, Radhika Merchant is seen with her soon to be in-laws Mukesh and Nita Ambani and future husband Anant Ambani. This special sari has been gifted to him by Nita, which is worth millions. Nita  likes to see her daughters-in-law in sarees on special occasions.

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