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Eye Makeup Lifehacks: 7 Important Things You Have To Remember Before Using Eye Makeup

Eyeliner, being an important part of anyone’s eye makeup, might be somewhat a bit harmful to your skin and eyes if the effects of it on your skin are ignored and not taken care of. It probably never crossed your mind but it is possible that the eyeliner you are using might be working as a slow poison to your skin and eyes if, of course, you don’t take care of it.

Today, we are here to talk to some of the ways you can take care of your eyes and keep your eye makeup kit from harming you.

1. Eye Makeup Life: 3 Months

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Like everything else, cosmetics to have a life after which it is not recommended to be used. The ‘shelf-life’ might long for one product and short for the other.

Experts suggest that an eye cosmetic product should not be kept for longer than 3 months.

Old eyeliner has an increased chance of being contaminated by bacteria and fungus. And you already know that bacteria and fungus would not do any good to your eyes. You’ll most likely end up with an eye infection.

Well, of course, it is easy to forget when you bought your eyeliner. One easy solution to that is to just put a reminder on your phone for 3 months after you buy it.

2. Avoid harmful ingredients

Checking the ingredients of the products before buying them is very important.

Some of the harmful ingredients that you should avoid while buying your eye makeup or any cosmetics are:

Other ingredients that you have to avoid are the ones that you are allergic to.

Companies are required by law to print the ingredients in their products. If you can’t find it, please report it to the authorities. Be careful about the products that you use and be smart when you use them.

3. NOTHING Inside the Eyes

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This should be one of the obvious ones but, ladies, please don’t apply eyeliner along the inside of your eyelids when you do your eye makeup. It blocks the oil glands which, as a result, put your cornea at risk. This technique also brings in bacteria right inside your eyes.

So products anywhere inside the eye is a big NO.

4. Say no to Glitter

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Rogue glitter particles go inside your eyes which gives you a red-eye or even a possible infection.

Yes, your eyes are beautiful but they are important too. Please don’t just put anything in there when you do your eye makeup.


6. Mascara after curling

If you use an eyelash curler, do it on clean and dry lashes before you use mascara. Also, make sure that the curler’s rubber is soft before using it.


7. No Eye Makeup on the Road

Do not drink and drive.  Do not call and drive. Do not text and drive.

Isn’t it obvious by now that we have to do nothing but driving while we are on the road sitting in the driver’s seat?

Even if you are not driving the car, the roads are bumpy and curvy and full of crazy people driving all around us. Anything can happen on the road so let’s just keep the little pointy things away from our eyes while we are on the road.


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