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Neha Kakkar Celebrates Karwa Chaut with new Hubby

As you might already know, the famous Bollywood singer and Indian Idol judge, Neha Kakkar got married to Rohanpreet Singh on October 24, 2020. The news, as well as the photos, of the wedding went viral instantly with Neha showing off her beautiful red wedding dress. Neha Kakkar has been posting a few pictures from her wedding on various social media platforms.

Neha Kakkar on Karwa Chaut


A little more than a week after Neha and Rohanpreet’s wedding, it was time for Karwa Chaut, the sacred festival for married couples in which the wife fasts for the whole day to wish for her husband’s long life.

Of course, Neha Kakkar was going to celebrate it too with her new husband. Neha posted quite a few pictures on Instagram telling her 48 million followers how she celebrated the festival of Karwa Chaut. Among the posts was an Instagram reel that Neha posted, lip syncing to a 2019 trending Punjabi song with Rohanpreet. The song was Mehandi Da Rang by Nadeem Abbas Khan.

Other pictures that Neha Kakkar posted on Instagram were Neha doing the rituals with her hubby and another picture with her parents. Her parents look really happy and so does the new couple.


Sharing the picture with her husband, Neha Kakkar wrote “My first Karwa Chauth with hubby @rohanpreetsingh.”

Neha wore a gorgeous red traditional suit and Rohanpreet looked handsome as always in with his sherwani set.

Tony Kakkar

Two days ago Neha Kakkar posted two more photos from her wedding but this time it was dedicated to her brother Tony Kakkar. The new previously unseen pictures were of Tony with the newlywed couple and other was of Tony alone.

Neha Kakkar captioned this post saying that she was blessed to have her brother in her life. The appreciation did not stop there. Neha’s husband, Rohanpreet, commented on the post saying he was blessed to have both Neha and Tony in his life. Continuing this, Tony replied on the post wishing the couple a “blessed super happy life”. Here is how the comment went:

“Wishing you a blessed super happy life, Nehu and Chote Jeeju…love you both the most.”

We can all agree that calling Rohandeep “Chote Jeeju” is really cute.

Check the post above and tell us in the comments what you think of Tony’s outfit.

The Wedding and Reception

The wedding of Neha and Rohanpreet was huge news because of Neha’s popularity in the music and entertainment industry. Neha Kakkar is a high and rising singer in Bollywood and she also features in a few reality-TV talent shows as a judge.

In the wedding ceremony, the couple wore colour coordinated outfits and both were glowing with bliss. The wedding functions, or at least most of them, were done in Delhi while the reception was in Chandigarh where the families and friends from both sides mingled and celebrated the joyous occasion.

Neha Kakkar posted pictures from the reception, too. There were several pictures that Neha showed to her followers. In the pictures the couple could be seen cutting a cake together. Neha was seen in a beautiful white Indian dress while Rohanpreet went for the classic dark blue suit over white shirt.

The couple posted an Instagram reel from the reception too in which they can be seen lip syncing to yet another Punjabi song.

It truly looked like they have found their soul mate and we wish the newlywed couple a happy and fulfilling life ahead.

Here are some more wedding pictures that Neha posted on her Instagram handle:




Tell us in the comments below what you think of the wedding and the new couple.

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