10 Legendary Badass Instagram Fashion Bloggers You Can’t Miss!

The Best Instagram accounts to follow this year for fashion!

Why follow Instagram fashion bloggers?

The world of fashion is ever changing. To keep in touch with what’s new, you have to consistently be in touch with the latest trends. What other best way than to follow the right people on Instagram? The Instagram beauty and fashion bloggers are taking over the glamour world by storm and have made their own niche! In the world where social media is inevitable, they’re setting new trends and starting new cliques. The world of fashion is now not only limited to the Cosmo articles and luxury brands. It also extends into a very non-toxic environment of body positivity and girl love! These instagrammers are not to be missed if want to follow fashion, the right way!


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1.Sakshi Sindwani

The new-gen always smiling Beauty and Fashion influencer is as charming as the local brands she endorses! This woman is unstoppable and has become a fashion and body positivity icon for all plus size women in their teens! Sakshi is an adorable personality, and there is never a dull day on her socials! Follow her for the best fashion tips from how to dress up in a traditional saree to how to rock the chic boho dress!


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2. Kritika Khurana

Known by her username, “That boho girl” is a gorgeous youtuber and has created a dedicated fan following over the years. Bubbly and chirpy, Kritika has a very bold sense of fashion and does not shy away from making fashion statements. This Punjabi Girl is not only a blogger but also an entrepreneur, and has her own E-commerce site The Hype.


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3.Santoshi Shetty

If you haven’t still followed her, what are you waiting for? Santoshi runs a blog called ‘The style edge’ and has a vivid sense of fashion. She has taken to youtube to expand her fan base and is doing really well in terms of generation beauty and glam content! Her make-up skills are especcially to watch out for!


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4. Gia Kashyap

A multi-talented Gia, had an early start in the style world! Becoming a columnist at the age of 21, she one of the most famous beauty bloggers in India! She though, is not only limited to this but is also into illustrations, photography, tennis and PC games! Is there anything this girl can’t do?


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5. Naina Ruhail

Beauty influencer and a mom, Naina is an inspiration for all the boss-ladies out there! An advocate of clean beauty, she has own beauty brand called Vanity Wagon. She highly endorses organic products and loves to keep it natural!


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6. Komal Pandey

The PopXO fame fashion blogger is much more than what meets the eyes! A sassy lady, Komal Pandey has a unique sense of style and exhibits flamboyance in her manners. A no bullshit person, Komal combines both the extravagance of the highly sorted after brands and the humility of street shopping in her style quotient. A must follow for all the college students who have a very classy taste!


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7. Aashna Shroff

Named the most Engaging Influencer 2019 by Cosmopolitan, Aashna is a very dynamic personality. Often seen experimenting with different styles and hair colors, she has created a fan base of over 829K and ever more growing followers! Also a successful model, Shroff is as glam as one could be. Follow her for the best of fashion advise!


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8. Aanam Chashmawala

A fashionable beauty influencer, she hosts her own blog called What When Wear. She is a modest person and has recently won the Beauty blogger of the Year for 2019!


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9.Masoom Minawala

Masoom is an Indian fashion blogger based in Europe. She has a very comfy, pocket friendly sense of style is often seen sporting subtle chic clothing.she supports and loves Indian designers and has her own line of jewelry!


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10. Riya Jain

A marketing graduate turned Beauty and fashion blogger; Riya initially wanted to be a Detective before she entered the world of fashion. She realized her sense of style is something others could benefit from and decided to become an influencer. Well, we’re glad because look where she landed and how! Riya loves cozy comfy fashion although advises to always venture out of the comfort zone!


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The Instagram family is growing and so is the circle of social influence. These fashion and beauty bloggers ensure you always keep up with the trends and identify your personal style! Have you checked out our latest post about Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in 2020? Tell us in comments who’s your favourite beauty blogger and what do you love about them. Subscribe to our newsletter for exciting updates on the fashion world!


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