12 New Cute & Quirky Accessories you need in your closet!

Accessory that is in this season!

Accessories are always in!

An accessory is something that completes your outfit or adds value to it. Sometimes it’s an essential item like a belt. Other times, it’s something that adds a pop of colour that your outfit desperately needs.

Some other accessories that have gained notoriety this year are side bags, clout glasses, long coats, and plaid originated items. Although these trends are currently popular, fashion is an ever-changing field that adapts to its inhabitants. The prospect of fashion is always impressive and is charged with producing the most eccentric trends that seem to find their route to all inner-city fashion enthusiast’s closets. 

Since Victorian times, accessories have held socio-political value, each item holding distinctive significance for women from diverse races and class. 

Surprising Accessories!

Accessories are often mistaken for jewellery. Other additions to your look could also include but are not limited to

  • Gloves
  • Umbrellas
  • Shawls
  • Eyewear
  • Piercings
  • Lanyards
  • Suspenders
  • Watches
  • Socks
  • Muffs

Fun fact: A sword, if decorative, is considered an accessory!

We decided that we would go through the collection available on Amazon and try to find you pieces that might be a part of your closet or accessories that you never knew you needed!

Oriental Umbrella

The first thing up is the decorative Chinese umbrella. An Umbrella? Does it count in accessories? Why not!? While it is useful, it also has the goal of making your outfit look fashion-forward. It’s decorative but also has a purpose. Made out of bamboo and cloth and has a beautiful Oriental design on it, it’s handmade, durable and great to use as a prop for photography!

Oriental Umbrella accessories
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Next, we have ties. Ties toe the line between crucial and ornamental; men or women in formal clothing frequently wear them. But I’ve always believed the right tie can change the entire look. Several types of ties go along with a formal suit, skinny ties, bow ties, a wide tie.

This particular bow tie has stolen our heart. Glitter and sequin guarantee an impressive display, and it’s versatile in the variety of situations it can be dressed for. 

bow tie accessories
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Reversible bucket hat

Did you know hats have a fascinating history? These timeless accessories have been used to indicate social status. While most hats are used as protection against the sun or the wind, lots of hats are used as an extension of the outfit, contributing to the aesthetic. All hats have the potential to change the complete appearance of the clothing; The reversible bucket hat is a continuation of the famous hat from the ’90s. It is available in several patterns and colours. While it isn’t transformative or revolutionary, The right adds to the beauty of the person wearing it!

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The Tendycoco suspenders have an elastic fabric and LED pattern printed on it. The fashionable and have a sturdy metal clamp to make sure they stay on for as long as you’d like them to be. The LED light is emitted by optical fibre. The suspenders are perfect accessories for all occasions and are available in 6 colours. These universally unisex suspenders and a must-have believe me when you say that you will glow in them. These would be perfect to gift and or use for a photo shoot. 

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These unicorn muffs are the perfect solution to Winter. They fit comfortably over your ear and keep it warm and stay easily in place. They’re Adorable and also wholly beneficial. The fabric is soft and breathable keeps your ear warm all day which is precisely what would you require in a cold environment. If you feel freezing in most weather conditions, you need to keep your ears covered, and these muffs guarantee that. They are accessories that are not just decorative. It also has a particular purpose. The cute unicorn horn and multicolour muff is just a bonus!

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The eye frames of today are no longer just about function. They represent so much now. The frames are now created to suit the shape of your face instead of just being able to see. They are now categorized as accessories!

Multiple brands exist that profit from this very theory. It’s Not just the frames, the glasses and the boxes that cover it. They have to be efficient and attractive. Some of them also have a lanyard string so that they don’t get lost. The glasses were meant to be efficient but now are about fashion and aesthetic. As someone who has been wearing glasses since I was seven, I’ve lost so many pairs of glasses, but when I was a child, they were a lot more expensive, and they didn’t have all the options you have today.

There are options now where they block the lights, and some of them are anti-reflective. At the same time, some of them are created in a way that is better for reading. This Ted Smith frame has three options for colour and is a unisex round frame. It’s an everyday frame and would be something that frames your face very well.

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Needlework Shawl

There are few very accessories as grand and elaborate as a shawl, especially a pashmina shawl. This Shawl, available in four colours, is going to the softest thing you ever touch while providing warmth and decorated with intricate floral patterns. This needlework handiwork shawl is the one for you if you like a luxury that feels simple. It is a shoutout to the art and tradition of our forefathers.

The design of this Shawl is the defining factor of its history. The artwork is meticulously and painstakingly created as a homage to the karigars that event and passed it on to the world. The Pashmoda shawl is a testament to Kashmiri design work. The Shawl is dry clean only and warm iron only.

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Designer Socks

Who doesn’t like having warm and toasty feet? We saw these socks as the cutest pair, and we couldn’t resist putting them on the list! TheMissby Girl’s No-Show Cotton Socks are adorable! These multi-coloured designer socks are made out of combed cotton and are an excellent fit for workout socks, and the soft cotton is considered one of the most absorbent socks in the business, guaranteeing no sweat, no problem. These would be great for people who work longer hours. 

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Enamel Pins

These enamel pins are a must-have as they increase the value of any outfit you wear. While this particular set is space-themed. There are multiple options, the company is pleased to report that they are based in India, and all the base products have been shopped from local markets. You can attach these to your bags and jackets.

You can use them individually or as a set. Recently These pins have become very famous and trendy, and they’re something that you can reuse. It also makes great gifts to people who you think like things like this. With locking pins in the back, it seems to be a very secure way to attach these pins to any surface.

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The Peora Spins Rhodium Plated Blue Globe Earth Cufflinks is excellent for gifting. It is a luxury gift perfect for someone who wears formals often. This cufflink is made for someone who enjoys a certain amount of quality in their product. The Poera cufflink comes with a manufacturing warranty and is the epitome of classy and durable. This set comes with six months warranty, and it’s the ideal gift!

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Sling Bag

This unicorn sling bag has everything you need for it to become your favourite, your girl Friday bag. It has sequin all over and mini ears and horn and it basically weighs nothing/. With a mixture of purple, pink, blue rose and light pink making is the cutest unicorn multicolour bag ever. It’s large enough to store your phone your makeup and everyday items but not so big that you feel like you will have to lug it around this is a perfect size in the perfect design for every day while making sure it is effortlessly cool. It is one of our favourite accessories!

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Body Chain

What is sexier than a body chain? Oops, that turned out to be a rhetorical question! But seriously, after much thought and consideration, we’ve realized that nothing can compare to the FemNmas body chain, It’s light and beautiful and a definite plus to every outfit you add it to! The best of the best on the best of the best, this chain is going to set you apart from everyone while not burning a large hole in your pocket. Try it and become a fan just like we have.

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All of fashion and shopping are making investments, finding the puzzle piece now, and eventually fitting it into the puzzle. My goal in writing this article was to help you add these elements to a collection that is prepared for everything, summer or winters, wind or rains. I hope this article inspires you to look for more and demand more for yourself. Accessories are the unsung hero. You never know what can pull a look together. I hope this article did everything it was supposed to do!

Have the perfect accessories but don’t know what to pair them with? Check out our selection of dresses we think can complement these accessories perfectly!

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Please tell us if we missed an accessory we shouldn’t have!

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