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Saree Trends:12 Gorgeous Ways to Style a Saree!

The 2021 way to style your 9 yards differently!

Saree, 9 yards of culture!

A saree is a long and cut cloth draped around the women’s waist and shoulders. They can traditionally be found in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The saree’s length can be between 4.5 meters to 9 meters, 15 to 30 feet in length and 600 to 1200 in width.  But that’s not all a saree is. It isn’t just some random drape; it is transformative. A Saree is a coming-of-age thing for most women. The first time I wore a Saree was to my class 10 graduation. It’s like giving up writing with a pencil for pens when you reach 5th grade.

A Saree is a sign that you’re growing up and glowing up while you do so.

The Nivi style is the most common style currently used globally. We can chart the drape type back to Andra Pradesh. The Nivi style is so famous now that it can’t be considered a regional drape

While Sarees have always been a part of Indian culture and style, Indian bloggers like Komal Pande have found a way to revolutionize the way to wear a saree, like in this picture, She’s wearing the saree with the Nivi method but it looks nothing like it, it looks incredible on her and makes us want to look as good.

Komal pandey

There are also several draping styles, the newest styles storming the internet are:

The Pant Style Saree

This Saree worn by the Beautiful Shilpa Shetty has gained popularity since it was launched in 2019, several popular brands have started following this trend since. The Saaree serves to highlight your figure and creates an optical illusion.

Cape Style Saree

The cape style saaree gives you an opportunity to drape the Nivi style while still creating an incredible silhouette, a new and exciting drape without having to spend 39438 hours.

The Belt Style Saree

The belt style has been gaining a lot of popularity recently because it creates a structure with a saree, which isn’t easy to do, a real vision of what your body is like while maximining class.

Belt Style Saree

Belted Cape

Like the belted Saree, the belted cape has also made it in the market because of the same reason, the outfit reels in the waist without damaging the cloth and eliminates the need for corsets:

Cape saree

Butterfly Cape

Sonam Kapoor wore this spectacular Gaurav Gupta saaree and draped it in a never been seen before manner, absolutely stunning, A Fashion icon from her head to her toes, Sonam always finds a way to push the envelope with her fashion choices.

Butterfly cape

The Front Pallu

The front pallu requires two things, Guts and Guts! It serves only the fittest, because it put your entire upper body to the test. The media is relentless with its hate and Jhanvi created a look which was unforgettable when she wore this to the star studded reception of Deepika And Ranvir.

Front Pallu Jhanvi Kapoor

Crop top blouses

Fashion is a topic Darwin would never have spoken about but fashion is Darwinism at it’s best, it’s constantly evolving, fast and requires fitness, The crop top blouse is that vision, in pictures! Chitraganda is seen wearing this adorable crop top with her saaree!

Vedika crop top saree

Sharara Type

The sharara recently came back to the markets, Fashion is circular. You never know what can be fashionable again, Which why fast fashion exists, it creates mass production of a style that might only last a few weeks! But The sharara is a person favorite of mine!

It elongates the figure while also being incredibly comfortable!

Amrya Dastur looks increbile in this Crimson Saaree sharara look

Long Train Sarees

Long trains have always been fairly popular, but attaching them to a Saaree? A Insane idea! Or is it? The train creates a fun and photographer friendly look! It adds such a whimsical look to the whole wedding,


Fusion Look

The fusion look and Saarees are a love affair meant to happen, Mrs. Genelia Deshmukh is here to show us mere mortals how it’s done! Pairing the look with silver oxidized statement pieces and a pumps.

Genelia White and black fusion saree

Dhoti Sarees

Dhoti Sarees are readymade Sarees, the pleating is ready to wear, the it takes away the amount of time you have to spend on draping and setting which gives you more time to figure how you’d like to style it. It has been a staple at the fashion weeks all over India as of late!

The Black Turtleneck

While this Style isn’t exactly a draping method, this style has been very popular lately, From Deepika Padukone to Komal Pande This look has been done and redone, The high neck black blouse look is Definity a killer! We think it’s quite cute, don’t believe us, look for yourself!

black turtleneck with saree

It is a universal phenomenon. Saaree’s go back to the Indus valley civilization, from 2018 2800 to 1800; the dying agents like indigo, reed madder, and turmeric are in use today.

The Ancient Sanskrit work, Kadambari by Banabhatta and antiquated Tamil poetry, such as fthe Silappadhikaram, pictures women in exquisite drapery or sari.

Although women donned saris that exposed the midriff in ancient India, the Dharmasastra writers declared that women should dress so that the navel would never become visible. Is it the first time that Men like Banabhatta have felt that their opinions on female clothing should be law? No, and

for some time, the navel exposure became a taboo, and the navel hid upon his “request”.

In ancient Indian lore, the Natya Shastra (a classical Indian monograph describing an antique dance with attire). The navel of God\ goddess’s is the root of vitality and creativity. Hence the midriff is meant to be seen even when draping the sari.

Some types of sarees are:

  1. Taant from West Bengal
  2. Kasavu from Kerala
  3. Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu
  4. Bomkai from Odisha
  5. Sambalpuri from Odisha
  6. Paithani from Maharashtra
  7. Bandhani from Gujarat
  8. Muga from Assam

All these Saarees and we cannot even decide which one to wear or how to wear it!

These are the best of the best methods that we found, Hope you like it! Also checkout the top lehengas of 2021.

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