15 Amazing Party Dresses to own in 2021!

Dresses to wear on somber evening, or a crazy party night; we've got you covered!

Dresses we can’t keep our eyes off of!

A transition from 2020-2021, 2020’s fashion statement was loose tee-shirts and sweatpants.But after a year inside,  we know everyone cannot wait to go out and look as good as they wanted to all of 2020. With restaurants opening and people finally being able to go out and have fun, we figured you were looking for dresses that are gamechangers. So after hours of careful consideration, we found 15 dresses that we think are ravishing and much needed for the freshness in our “Going out!” wardrobe! We’ve curated a list of options for you that have a dress from every style and trend.


Sequin Maxi dress


The Boldgal Women’s maxi dress is an ombre sequin full-length dress; it has a one-side sleeve design and is perfect for a showstopper look. In this look, you are guaranteed to turn some head. This is the kind of dress that sets you apart from the crowd. However, something to know, this dress is to be dry cleaned only.

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Knee Length Bodycon

The Illi London bodycon knee-length dress is available in 3 colours, the colour combinations available are either red, pink or white with Black. It is polyester and spandex and moulds your body to an hourglass. The dress Is available from the size small to extra large. It has a round neck and under the knee-length, perfect for date night and dinner.

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A-line Long gown

The next dress is the Fibreza Women’s Georgette Flared A-Line Long Gown. It is a hand wash only Georgette gown. The pink has tiny little sleeves, which gathers the waist quite well, available in colour pink and colour light blue. You can see that tapering in the lower part of the skirt. It is bound to make you look taller while also making you look dainty and more feminine.

However, the blue gown is an entirely a-line dress with long sleeves and no tapering; it is great for extending your figure and frame, and it is an altogether plain-featured pattern, but with the right accessories, you can make it look fabulous!

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Scallop High Neck Dress

It is a high style classy laser cut dress, available in the colours green, black and maroon and has a laser-cut floral pattern towards the dress’s lower edge. It can be both hand and machine washed. It has a zipper for your convenience, and the lower edge of the dress also has a scallop pattern which makes your legs look longer and elongates your entire frame.

It is the kind of dress that adds to a person’s beauty, instead of serving to steal attention from the woman in the dress. This is a kind of clothing that leaves a lot to the imagination. It is tight but not too snug and creates the illusion of a nice frame.

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Red Fishtail Gown

I am a massive fan of anything red! This bold goal one-piece fishtail dress is a stunning piece that you need to have in your collection. It is a game-changer because of how it moulds to your body and has an open back that makes sure to encompass your entire figure while it has embellishments on the lower back, creating an aesthetically pleasing peek. The front design has a keyhole cut, and it sets on the shoulder quite nicely.

It has an all-around sequin. The first time you wash this dress, you have to dry clean it because you know it’s like the kind of clothing that makes a difference to how you were distinguished and perceived. It is a global art outfit. It is a trendsetter in how it is created, and it establishes you as a fashion Icon. 

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Transcendent bodycon

Some dresses excite you the minute you see them. Maybe, it’s the pattern, the design, perhaps it’s the cut, but this dress is all three. The London bodycon dress is available in 4 colours available from size s to excel. It is in a line bodycon dress available in Black, maroon, baby pink and powder blue. The flutter sleeve dress is a slim fit and perfect for the office and formal wear dresses. You can also wear it for a party.

Such is the transcendence of the dress. You can wear it for multiple occasions because it is that perfect mix of fun but respectful. It’s ideal for somebody who likes to do understated sexy without revealing a lot of skin. Resent right before the name starts and is something that you can wear multiple times without worrying about the quality.

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Metallic Thigh-Split Dress 

Up next, we have the full sleeve party slit metallic dress available only in the size XL. It is usually dry cleaned the first time you wear it, and it is regular, and the fabric is a high stretch. It is available from the size s-xl. It is following the global trend of high leg slits. The metallic cloth guarantees that you have a beautiful young look about it while maintaining a certain amount of class required to pull off. This kind of dress gets you noticed at a party. It is strictly a party dress that you cannot wear anywhere else, but it is the raiment class that puts you in a different league.

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Silver Surfer

We love sequin, and we wonder if it loves it back. We wear some things that make sense to no one else but walking around with the equivalent of wearing glitter is the reason so many people love sequin. This particular dress is silver and has drama, from the frilly sleeves to the silver sequin. Simultaneously, some will say the silver makes you look like a disco ball. I say the dress knows precisely how to create an aesthetic. Even as a solo piece, it requires no layering or jacket. While it is relatively loud, it still maintains a level of conservation.

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Have a cute date but don’t know what to wear? This question has haunted me for years. So, this particular dress is it. It is charming and flirty while maintaining the kind of Pretty look we all want to be and aspire for.

The Tamina Dress is a mini polka dot dress with an asymmetrical design. It is the perfect dress to wear to a party or a get-together. This Polka dot dress is an adorable vibe. The off-shoulder frill top accentuates the shoulders while creating a longer frame. It is the kind of mini-dress you should wear when you’re trying to make an impression on someone. It’s a distinctive type of cute and fun meets fashion-forward. However, it is only available in small, medium and large. 

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Lace-up Back Shimmer

Ever since I saw this dress, I have been dying to write about it because it is one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen with embellishments all over the dress tiny structured lace with glitter mixed with this dress has a gorgeous back. After all, it has a ribbon lace back, and it fits like a glove because it has the right structure that you will be able to make sure can be manipulated. It seems to have impeccable stitching in is one of the prettiest gowns I have ever seen. The sizes available are from s to XL.

While the material is polyester, it seems to look like tulle, the front of the dress has a deep v-neck, and the lace-up look is quite stunning, not to mention Sexy! This dress is best suited for parties you throw and are the host because if you’re in this dress, it will be impossible for someone to look away from you, but this dress is only available in size S!

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Butterfly Dress

This miss chase multi-coloured one-shoulder dress is a killer. I mean, it is such a beautiful colour mixed with a very intricate design, and the inner cloth ends at the thigh. Therefore, giving you a transparent, translucent lower half of the dress. You can only use a warm iron on it. This dress has a lot of upkeep. You can only hand wash it. The question that has always bothered me with all of these gorgeous dresses is, ” is it worth it?”

I feel like, yes, this dress is. The design on it is tiny yellow and red petals and butterflies that mimic nature. This dress is only available in XL but as an essential part of your closet. This dress is from Miss Chase, and the tagline for miss chase is “that when you feel good anything is possible”, which this dress can gather guarantees for, I cannot imagine being in this dress and feeling bad. It’s just not possible.

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Bodycon dress with Sheer sleeves.

This Elyraa bodycon western dress has an exaggerated sleeve. It’s made from spandex and polyester, but it seems that the kind of dress that would be really fun to wear to a club or a night out with your friends. The sleeves are transparent, so it’s not really stuffy, and it’s the kind of dress that is a merry clubbing dress for occasions like dinner with your friends or a date with your boyfriend.

The Elyraa brand replies to message on Amazon. You can request for your size to be made available, not something you often see. It is available in maroon, black and emerald green and can come in handy in multiple situations. 

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Wrap Dress

If there is a trend that I love, it is a wrap dress. So much of online shopping is to buy online and spend time worried that the cloth will arrive and it won’t fit you. But that is what the wrap dress accounts for. All you have to do is wrap it to your comfort if it fits you, no problem! If it’s too small, that’s not a problem either because that’s how the wrap dress works. If it is too small for you, you can always invent the thigh slit wrap dress. 

The Cera polyester dress in the title is already said it’s a special occasion dress, and what is more of a special occasion than going out with friends? 

This dress is available in two patterns and three colours.

But the size does seem to runs small, I suggest that you go one size up. Something I’ve always look for is the ability to restyle the same dress in multiple ways.

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Fire-Red Maxi dress

This Boldgal women’s maxi dress is a fire truck red with asymmetrical neck dress, full-length dress with a lovely back. It has a full zipper for your convenience and is available from small to large, It is a classic structure and serves to bring out the beauty in you. It takes 12 days for it to be delivered anywhere within India, and it does require maintenance. It has to be dry cleaned. The gown is polyester, the style is bodycon, and you do have to be careful with this dress, but dresses that require high maintenance usually make you look like you deserve high maintenance.

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Maternity Party dress

Have you heard the song “girls just want to have fun?”. 

We decided girls are not the only ones who want to have fun, so here is a maternity party dress, available in 2 colours and patterns. This dress is exactly what a mom-to-be needs to see. It is an effortless dress, perfect, and it can be for anything from a baby photoshoot to a party celebrating the baby’s birth and even a baby shower. The dresses are available from small to large it is a breathable fabric that can be worn during and post pregnancy Empire waist, and it is the kind of gown that makes you feel beautiful without having to try too hard.

Fun Fact: this dress is from Mamacouture, and it was created by a pregnant woman in 2015. The designer and founder of Mamacouture struggled with finding cute dresses when she was expecting and decided to create her own. The brand is Mom-created and centric. 

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As a lover of all things Fashion, we wanted to personally make sure we only found dresses that looked incredible, while online shopping makes window shopping easier, it makes sizing and choice harder, the most important part of this research was to make sure every piece we chose would try to help you make a choice.

And here we have it! 15 dresses we loved and we hope you feel the same! Happy shopping, tell us in the comments if you like these as much as we do! If you’re a plus-size gal, check out our article on plus size clothing!

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