12 Unbelievable Make-Up products you can get under ₹199!

Amazing Make-Up, that does not cost a bomb!

Cosmetics can be heavy on your pocket! and experimenting with make-up, really expensive! Do you spend your time watching beauty gurus on YouTube? Do you follow influencer-created looks that you don’t know how to replicate? I understand your struggle; The beauty industry won for so long because I’ve never discovered how to look that good without spending the value of a small country’s GDP.

The last couple of weeks, we spend our time going to every possible website and every possible thing online to create a ten-piece collection for you all under the value of just ₹199 each, to make a complete look!

Make-Up and Skin Cleanser

While make-up is essential, skincare is always the priority. The first item we have for you is the Blue heaven make-up remover and micellar cleansing water. It is a 125 ml bottle that you can use to get fresh skin and get freed from the oil. It is well suited for all skin types. Start your daily skincare routine with this paraben-free bi-phase make-up remover.

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Next on the list is the Swiss Beauty Perfect Match Foundation Pan Stick. It’s available in 6 shades. It has no oil and natural coverage that extends over the entire skin, giving you a clear and oil-free face and a great make-up base. Foundation is the base that sets the tone for the entire face, The swiss beauty foundation is an even tone-setting liquid, it’s transparent and like satin on the skin.

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Next, we have the insight make-up palette that lets you conceal and correct and contour for that unbelievable high cheekbone life, this  Insight waterproof concealer palette is a steal for the prize, and it has a soft highlight built into it.

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Loose Powder

The paraben-free Insight Banana Loose Powder 40 g is something you need to set the look. It is something that has a matte finish, and it gives away an utterly natural look while correcting any pink or red undertones.

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Dazzler foundation and Contour kit is cruelty-free and vegan and available in 12 shades in the adorable 9 grams box. It has to be applied as dots and then spread. It is wholly blend-able and unique; it is suitable for dry skin and one of the few brands that cater to Indian skin.

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Up next, we have the Anjali Iconic Illuminator Highlighter that comes with a beauty blender. To use this product, All you have to do is place dots to the places you like to highlight and blended into your beautiful face.

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Mascara\Eyeliner\Kajal Combo

Spanking Extra Volume Mascara and Eyeliner with a free throw pencil eraser 3 in 1 combo and the price of just ₹145, it is almost as though they know how good it is that they want to give it away for a price so reasonable that everybody can own it! The Mascara and eyeliner debate can be put to rest using this unbelievable combo!

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Eyelash Curler

The Lamezia Beauty Eyelash Curler is long-lasting, has a perfect design. It is rose gold and has a beautiful ombre design. The construction is stainless steel. It creates incredibly curled eyelashes, is portable because it’s so tiny. It also has a very comfortable spring and a silicon pad, ensuring that your eyelashes are never damaged.

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Fake Lashes

Fun fact 40% of beauty bloggers say a look is incomplete without false eyelashes, so here we have a kit for you that has five pairs of eyelashes plus glue; it’s a combo. The lashes are vivid and noticeable. These light Preyansh Eyelashes are not going to make you look weird because these look natural, as though you were born with these lashes.

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Eye Shadow

We’ve covered almost all parts of make-up. The only thing left out is the Vowza Shining Eyeshadow Glitter. It has 24 colors for every look that you would possibly want to create and is easy to carry. You can also use this as glitter for your nails, for your eyes, for your body. You can also use a wet eyeshadow brush to turn this into a liquid eyeshadow look

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Up next, The SAS lipstick set that 12 pieces for under 200 bucks! It has an intense color, and the brand is meant for teenage girls. It is durable lipstick and a kit you unquestionably need as a part of your collection.

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Make-Up Primer

Last but not least is the Rsentera Most Beautiful Trending Fixer combo with Primer Foundation Luxury Primer – 150 ml (Transparent), it’s the first thing that goes on your face before all of these products, it sets the full look and preserves the make-up. The combo is a killer deal and unquestionably something you need in your make-up collection. The Primer is long-lasting and undeterred by your daily activities. It is suitable for all skin types, for application spray on the face and let sit for a few minutes for a weightless and matte look.

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This list is all the steals we found for you for under 199. Is there anything we missed? Tell us more in the comments! Keep your eyes posted for more make-up hacks from us!

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