Divya Agarwal Posts Topless Photos on Instagram, Gets a Harsh Reaction from Followers

Divya Agarwal is in the talks for her new photoshoot. Divya was also trolled due to this photoshoot, but now Divya has given a befitting reply to the trolls.

Source: Instagram

There is a lot of craze for topless photoshoot in Bollywood today. One such photoshoot is going viral these days. This photoshoot was done by Divya Agarwal and shared its video on social media. As soon as this video of Divya was uploaded on social media, people started reacting negatively and trolling her. Awful comments have also been made on Divya’s video.

Source: Instagram

On the video of Divya Agarwal, people commented that she is doing such a photoshoot as a publicity stunt, saying that she wants people to pay attention to these pictures of her. Commenting on the picture of Divya Agarwal, one person has written, “Getting naked nowadays is to get response… What a nonsense post.” Then another person has written, “Is it necessary that bold scenes be given and to show the whole body? I think God has given you a beautiful face too. ”

Source: Instagram

Divya Aggarwal gave a strong answer to this trolling of people. Divya Agarwal wrote on her Instagram Story, ‘A concept shoot and people went crazy. You guys can’t tell me what to wear? Indian apparel or any other dress … It is sad to know that a woman’s character is judged by her clothes.

Source: Instagram

This is not the first time that Divya Agarwal was trolled, she has been a victim of trolling before. Divya Aggarwal has surprised the fans by sharing her bold photos many times. In the past too, the actress has unabashedly responded to people’s senses.


Tell us in the comments what you think about this bold photoshoot by Vidya Agarwal. Should she not have done this?

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