10 Fun Drinking Games to Try this Weekend!

Fun drinking games to enjoy your boring weekend get together...

Drinking games are often associated with dorm rooms. What if I were to tell you, you can have the same fun at your weekend party?

You know what’s fun? Parties. A party really helps you forget everything for a few hours, it brings you peace in all the noise, a party is a sure-shot way to shut your brain off for a while and just vibe with people, with the environment around. 2020 really had us missing parties, Crowded, crazy parties. But what is worse than missing parties? Hosting one that’s dead, or boring, a party is the last possible place you’d want to be bored at. Here’s what happens when you can’t remember what parties used to be like.

You take more effort in organizing it and make it more mechanical than it needs to be, the perfect way to have a fun party Is to plan for everything but make it look organic. The seamless way to deal with a lull at a party is with a drinking game, there’s a lot of options with these and things need to be bought for them and stocked up before you host your first party post lockdowns and the pandemic. So, we made a list of drinking games for you! To spice up your party and to add magic to it without having to hire a magician!

Here are a few party games you could enjoy online and offline!

Would you rather?

Drinking Games Leader one is “Would you rather?”. Which has a hundred questions that make people literally red in the face, questions about all kinds of crazy things under the sun. This game is a must-have for any party with drinks involved because it has a punishment system built-in, if someone doesn’t want to follow the punishment system, they can just forgo it and take a shot instead. In each round player, 1 picks a question card and the rest of the players make guesses. Only the player with the correct answer forgoes punishment.

The question cards are available in five types. Safe, meta, awkward, punishment, and gross. It can play by 2- 20 people and is usually great to play in large groups. While it is kind of pricey for one party, it is an investment that comes in handy at every party from now to eternity. The creators are a group of young, fun, 20-somethings who are uniquely qualified to make a game like this:

Drinking game cards

Get a pack for you and your friends right here!


Game number two is  MamaMemes, by Happy games, this game is perfect for anyone that believes in using memes as a method of communication instead of texting, The game has 250 cards that can be mixed and matched for optimal humor and giggles. A mixture of dark humor and light comedy. It brings out the meme-master in you, with 50 meme templates and if you want to skip your turn, you can take a shot, making it one of the most hilarious drinking games.

It puts you in insane situations and pulling yourself out of them is going to be hilarious!  The game is made for 2-9 people, a perfect game for a meme-marathon with your buddies.

Buy it here now!

Sanskaar Shots

Up next we have Game vs Sanskaar. Even the name of the game is hilarious, a lot of Indian cultures categorizes certain behavior as “un-sanskaari”  But this game is meant for up to 10 players, so you can all be un-sanskaari together, it’s an entertaining game for 4-10 players with 305 answer cards and 75 question cards!

What’s fascinating about this game is that it was crowdfunded by 276 individuals and is the perfect game to get your drink on! The game’s cards and packaging have gotten rave reviews all over the internet and are one of the low-maintenance amusing drinking games for a night of fun with the gang! Best part?  It comes with a few blank cards, so you can add your own drinking punishments to them!

Buy it here!

Exciting Lives

And the fourth game on this crazy list is the “the exciting lives all drunk party drinking game”.

It is a 100-card game perfect for any party, it’s not only an adult game because users from 15+ can play this game. It has actions and quizzes and dares to make it a super fun activity for a party-going audience, the cards hold quirky tasks and rules but also house mini-facts about alcohol, which is technically educational, no?

This game is great for people who are on a budget, it’s pocket-friendly, durable, and reusable. But, do not get this game unless you want to get completely drunk, this game guarantees that above all. A total win-win for anyone that parties like there’s no tomorrow and doesn’t want to remember last night.

Buy it here and have crazy fun!

Never have I ever!

Next up, The Oye-happy never have I ever game is the game of the season, while a lot of drinking games exist, this one is an oldie but a goodie. Having played this, it’s not always easy to come up with questions for the never have I ever part, this game will take over that burden from you, making it easier to play the most interesting game of all time, this secret-buster hilarious game can help you get your friends wasted.

It’s the right game for a party that no one will ever remember but still, the tiny flashbacks they have will have, will never let them forget.  The cards and packaging are compact which makes it perfect for traveling, take this game wherever you go.

Buy it here!

Ludo Shots

Growing up in an Indian family means having memories of ludo, it is a massive part of your life, it was also a way to process your feelings in a lot of ways when anger takes over. It was a way to kill someone without killing someone, you know? But with adulting, ludo takes a backseat, we forget it exists and parties and drinking happen and there’s no reason to remember ludo, until now.

We found a ludo drinking game, it’s fairly simple. Fill all the 16 glasses with your favorite drink. Whenever a player steps in the same space as the other player, the other player has to take down his shot before going back to start. Drinking games that also imbibe our favorite COVID-19 pastimes? Yes, please!

This fun game comes with 16 shot glasses and dice, ready to unleash fun, banter, and lots of craziness!

Buy it here!

Shot, Shots, Shots, Shots, Everybody!

While drinking games are fun, they require a few more brain cells than we’re willing to spare at a party, so that’s when we found this for you, a game that makes shots more fun than we thought was possible! It puts a new spin on an age-old carnival game, brings back old memories as you get hammered in ways more than one. More than just testing your strength, it is a perfect toy for someone who wants to make drinking games simple again.

It is packaged with a shot glass and it’s everything you need to get this party started!  The game makers provide you with a hammer and a list of tasks that you activate by the use of the hammer. Perfect for 2-6 people or just solo (it’ll be our little secret)!

Buy this fun game here!

Spin the Shot-glass

Do you like to make things simple? Don’t like that everyone seems to insist on overcomplicating partying. Want to go back to the old school parties without the fancy-ness of it all? Well, boy o boy do we have the coolest drinking games for you! It has the simplicity of spin the bottle without the fear of breaking the glass, We’ve all been a little tipsy and unable to follow the directions of a confusing party game, we’ve all prayed to play a game that doesn’t need intricate rules to enjoy it.

This is why the “Shivani Enterprises Spin The Shot Glass” is perfect, just fill the shot glass up and the spinner will point at the person who needs to do the shot, simple and entertaining!

Buy it here right away!

Roulette and Rum

Have you been locked up at home for too long? Hate that summer 2021 might also be the same as the year before it? Do you Dream of goa with its casinos and bars? But know that’s a distant dream? Well! That’s why this is the perfect replacement for those dreams. This Tool helps you find the best possible way to gamble, but not lose money?  Sounds too good to be true? Well, we get it. But just this once, it’s true.

My Party Suppliers Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game Set is the perfect combination of fun and drinking, It is a set of the game+ 16 shot glasses and here you can bet over how much you can drink? A Win-win!

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Like a little backstory with your drink? Well, that’s actually what we were looking for, drinking isn’t just a vice, it’s an adventure. What does drinking do?  It brings our inhibitions down, makes us braver, makes us think we can do anything we want to do, things we didn’t think were possible. Like, be a pirate. The game gives each player 4 shot glasses and they have to place them on both sides of the game, the spaces are tagged with numbers and alphabets, and when guessed correctly, shots are taken!

It’s the closest any of us can come close to being shipwrecked on land, possible through drinking games!

 Buy it here now!

And here we have it! 10 drinking games that bring fun to a party, we usually make it a point to bring you unique products that beyond everything are never seen before, a change of pace from the usual monotony of online shopping, Which one are you planning on playing with your loved ones this weekend! Tell us if we missed something in the comments below! You can take it a notch further by buying a gift for your beer lover man!

Drinking Games Disclaimer:

We only endorse fun and games for an age-appropriate audience, if you are underage you can totally play these games with non-alcoholic drinks like soda.


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