10 Surprising Gifts for Men You Love

Gifts for men we love; a comprehensive guide!

Finding the right gifts for men in your life can be stressful. We get lost in a sea of products and find it harder and harder to swim.

While there are limitations to gifting for men. With times changing, there’s more hope than ever before. There’s an influx of products now that appeal more to their personality than just clothes or shoes. We believe in individuality, that everyone is a unique snowflake, but there are personality types, an archetype is a group he’d best fit into. We wanted to make sure there was to make sure that there was a product for all types of dudes.  Previously we wrote an article about gifts for the angry girlfriend, which inspired us to write this one, Gifts to surprise the men in your life:

All these products have been chosen because they’re incredible and make great gifts for men you love!

The Nerd

We all have that one guy who is a nerd whom we love and love in return. But would they leave a Comicon for us? Probably not. These boyz2men love all things fiction. These are the guys you can make fun of but are the best people you know, they do tend to get carried away with the stories they watch and the shows they binge but they know so much by their own merit, they always take time out of their work to invest in the things that interest them. Granted, they probably have more things in common with Dexter’s lab than their own family. But boy, do they like to have fun.

They are also the most interesting people to have around because they know so much about so much. This Tee Mafia mouse pad is perfect for their mouse as they stream Dexter’s laboratory. You can gift them if they still use a mouse! Chances are, they most likely do! Gifts for men? More like gifts for boys!

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This surprise gift is for the guy that has biceps like balloons, the one that treats his gym like a temple, and is always drinking his protein shake, this man cares about his fitness and makes sure that he always prioritizes himself and working out, he’s always the first one awake, he knows the protein and fat content in everything he consumes and makes sure that he never eats anything he doesn’t want to.

This Ceramic mug is perfect, because it shows him how much you care, even if you are teasing him. It is one of the most fun and unique gifts for men who are muscular hunks. This mug is Ceramic and is hand-made, even touching it is soothing.

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The Geek

The Man stood for hours outside the mall, trying to get tickets, signs up for every quiz on Twitter because he knows the answer to all the questions, could rewrite the entire wiki page with the knowledge that he keeps in his pinkie toe, and he loves Marvel. Thus, this Black Panther 12-inch action figure is perfect for the Marvel fan, the one who is an unapologetic geek and loves all things action. He’s the best person to sit down to talk with because he knows so many stories.

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The Trippy Man

Our trippy friend here loves mandalas and wants to see cool patterns everywhere. From the way he talks, he is always looking for a new dimension to chill in.  He is our friend who loves the universe and would give anything to just sit and talk about it under the stars. This Psychedelic tie-dye mandala is available in 7 patterns 40*30 or twin size 84* 54. It is the way to go for our trippy friend, this would be perfect for a bed-sheet or a wall hanging, it’s one of the most ideal gifts for men who like to get lost in the moment.

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The Reader

This one is for the reader who always has his head in a book. He is never not talking about a book, or the show about the book, or just traveling in that universe. He makes it a point to carry a book with him wherever he goes, never knowing when he might need it. From Harry Potter to The Interview, he has read it all, done it all. When he goes to a library, it is just a case of been there, read that, which is why this Taj Mahal bookmark is perfect for him. It is a perfect amalgamation of Indian culture, beauty, and usefulness.  

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The Fancy Man

This fancy dude will always show up and leave us wondering if we are underdressed. From his hair to his shoes, there is not a person he cannot impress. Finding gifts for men like these is always a challenge. What can you get him that he does not already have? This is when I saw the “Whisky whisk me away” Vibe portable bar. From glasses to bottled compartments, this kit has it all. The black interiors are classy and perfectly suited to help you on any given occasion.

It has several compartments to store any and everything you need. it is the perfect gift for your James Bond fancy guy who loves all things classy. It holds one bottle and four glasses, and is available in 6 colors, with a metal flask, it’s an all-rounder.

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The Beer Lover

We all know him. The Man who loves beer more than us. This beer lover would drink beer all day long if he could. He likes his glasses chilled and his beer cold. This skull-beer mug is perfect for a man who likes a little whimsicality with his drink, adding a gothic element to his favorite drink, this mug is fun and an excellent gift! The skulls are a killer collectible, made out of glass, they are a wonderful gift for someone who enjoys craftsmanship with his gifts, these are made out of lead-free glass making it a great addition while also being environmentally friendly. 

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The Artist

Growing up, I had this friend who was artist incarnate and in a way, we’ve all had this boy in our life. He always doodled in class, would have elaborate daydreams when he zoned and would try to re-create them with every drawing, he would draw on everything he saw, even bills and receipts, our artist friends are the ones that make the difference in the world, the ones they show us different variants, show us their world-view on a napkin when they run out of paper, and they deserve the best.

And that is exactly what this Angel Bear 35-piece set is, it has all the tools he needs to truly step into the world and change it, it has everything from charcoal to nifty gadgets, it’s one of the most perfect gifts for men who love art!

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The Fashion-Forward-Gentleman

We’ve all been there, leaving the house in an old shirt and shorts, going to meet our friend who looks like he just walked out of the editorial photo section of vogue. While we hope he doesn’t mean to do it, he does it anyway. When it comes to fashion, no one can one-up him. From his great taste in fashion to his keen eye for shopping, he’s always traveling, looking for the next big trend, he always knows what’s trendy, and we can only imagine we need transportation for his large list of clothes he deems as essential as breathing, The

The Clownfish Minlu Baoluo Luxury Unisex Faux Leather 4 Wheel Travel Luggage Suitcase and Laptop Roller Case moves with him. It’s compact but spacious, it’s elegant and fun, and it’s perfect for the fashion-forward- gentlemen. Who knew gifts for men could be this classy?

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The Adventure Guy

If there was ever a dictionary defining adventure, this guy is it. He’s always on the move and looking for new places to visit and new goals to accomplish, he’s the coolest person you know, he’s unafraid to take risks if he thinks the reward will be worth it and would look down from a cliff if he excited about the view, this guy is the one we all aspire to be sometimes. From sports to new customs, he’s always thinking of new things to do, A man whose priorities are always something new. Now, finding gifts for men like these was NOT easy.

He’s extraordinarily difficult to shop for, with him climbing new mountains just to see the view, it’s not hard to imagine what he would possibly even want, which is when I came across This sleeping bag, For a man who’s always on the go. He definitely needs this soft comforter, no matter where he sleeps, you just want him to sleep well. It’s available in three delightful colors.

And there we have, 10 surprise gifts for men of every kind, We know this list leaves you wanting more, so leave a comment if you want a part two, if you feel like we missed anything. Tell us in the comments below!

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