12 Fascinating Birthday Gifts, But for Yourself!

Birthday gifts, from you, to you!

Birthday gifts from people are fine, but have you considered what you’re getting yourself?


Do you love birthdays? Dream of cake? Have a calendar that goes from birthday to birthday? Spend your free-time planning the perfect gifts for the people you love? Birthdays can be a source for much joy, a reason to celebrate, proof that you made it another year. With 2020 forcing so many of us to have an indoor birthday, gifts became mandatory in many ways. Even as we planned videos and letters for the people we love, the internet came up with some excellent ways to truly celebrate.

As the internet got over-run by the “Marble cake” and “Anything can be cake” challenge, many of us received beautiful gifts that showed us how, in many ways, our friends and family love us but don’t know us! Bummer?I know! Have you ever been disappointed by the gifts you get, not because you’re ungrateful but because you don’t feel known? We understand your pain. In the last few years, gifting has changed in so many ways, from surprise gifts or gifts for when trying to woo an angry girlfriend, we’ve covered all kinds of gifts, but nothing tops a birthday gift. 

A birthday gift says, “I’m really glad you’re here, and I am so happy to be there on the day we celebrate the inception of your existence on this planet!”…Only, in not so many words! 

But while it’s lovely to receive gifts from other people, it’s also essential that you buy yourself things. A study done by Harvard University says that when you buy birthday gifts for yourself, you show yourself the regard you show everyone else! So, we just had to make you a list of things you deserve. It’s your birthday. Yasss gurllll…splurge!

Here are a few birthday gifts for you to treat yo’ self!

Mini Beauty Blender Washing Machine

The literal minute We saw this Lahaina Makeup Sponge Mini Washing Machine, We knew it had to go on the list. There was NO way. We could not make it the first item to recommend. This product is 11\10 on the cuteness scale; It’s also a product that’s essential. Did you know if you use a dirty blender, it can clog your pores, turn your skin oily, and it is all around a terrible idea! This washing machine is an unconventionally adorable way to protect your skin. You can also use it to wash doll clothes if you still have some! It’s a compact design and fits perfectly on any surface. 

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Pink Light from the Mountains

This Himalayan Pink Salt relaxation lamp is perfect for detoxing after a long day at work. The Global Aroma Himalayan salt lamps are made by fixing a light bulb inside extensive dawn-tinted Himalayan salt lumps. They have a unique look and shed a sunset-pink glow when lit. Authentic Himalayan salt lamps are made from salt gleaned from the foothills of the Himalayas. Salt sourced from this area is considered to be millions of years old and contains petite amounts of minerals.

It gives it a beautiful blush pink color. Himalayan salt lamps are bought often simply because they like how they look and enjoy the ambiance the pink light creates in their room. It is one of the ideal birthday gifts for yourself because while it’s an aesthetic addition to your room, it also has healing properties.

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Birthdays can be so much fun, but we forget to prioritize ourselves, and that sometimes it takes all year for us to treat ourselves and do that, This Tea is scathing, but we have to remember to treat ourselves that well all the time. We hope this cup reminds you that every day. I would definitely buy this, birthday or not!

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On this list, you’ll notice that’s there are plenty of light-related items, and essentially, the idea is that you must start the year by letting light into your life. This floral candle holder makes a beautiful centerpiece and is the cutest thing to keep on your study table/work desk. It blends a pop of color to the room it’s placed in and is perfect to place next to the cake as you take pictures!

Buy it here for yourself!


There are many things that a birthday brings up, like fond memories, Birthday cake with potato wafers on paper plates, and getting to open your birthday gifts in front of friends, all huddling into a tiny space and taking pictures that go on an album you would see all the time. But with the invention of phones, we stopped getting pictures printed out, thus died the picture printing and album industry, but there are few things in life as lovely as the polaroid camera. It’s a thing of absolute need to have one—the best way to capture a moment truly. 


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Ice-cream Mold

Birthdays remind us of our childhood the most and what is more reminiscent of childhood than an ice-lolly. When we were kids, this was the ultimate summer treat, and eating it before it melts was considered art, a talent, and a baddie on the playground. Having a brain freeze was completely worth it because you, man, did it taste good. As we grow up, we find more wholesome food. We worry about sugar levels and health, which is why this Fab Homes and Gardens Silicone Mold is excellent.

You can add fruit juices, cake, and fresh milkshakes and turn them into ice cream. If these had existed when I was a kid, I would have made ice cream every day! One of the best birthday gifts indeed!

Buy it here and get started!

Watermelon Make Up Brush Cleaner

Cleaning makeup brushes is a task that you must do because your skin’s future depends on it. But cleaning brushes turn out to be a messy task on its own. In making an effort to clean the brush, most people end up with a glittery hand. This fundamental duty rests heavily on the makeup wearer, but we found a product that can help! Solimo Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat, Watermelon Pattern is excellent as an addition to your makeup collection, making brush cleaning more uncomplicated and more effortless.

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Jewellery Organizer

We all make goals for the year ahead on our birthday, say things like ” By the time I turn…, I will have _____.”

But if your dream for your birthday is to get more organized. Boy, oh boy, do we have a product for you! 

These 80 compartments swinging curios organizer is incredible. Dual sides and pockets of different sizes. It has loads of extra space to organize and store necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, hair accessory, beauty products;

It comes with a swivel hanger which makes it effortless to see both sides.

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Waffle Maker

Have you ever overpaid for a waffle and wondered “Waffle makers must be so expensive!” Well, I’m here to tell you that they are NOT, with the right waffle maker, you can make yourself this treat whenever you’d like, it’s an investment in your future cheat meals, The Trends forever waffle maker is the way to go, to make sure you never have to spend your money on terrible waffles again! 

Buy it here and treat yourself!


What’s a better way to show yourself love than solitaires, they are a girl’s best friend, you know? These blood-red solitaires are made from bismuth and tin and are suitable for both traditional and western outfits, a killer stud that will remind you how beautiful your taste is all year, it’s an investment that will pay itself off the first time you wear it.

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Instant Photo Grid 

We mentioned an instant camera a while ago and as we worked on our research, we found this adorable heart-shaped photo grid frame to put your polaroid pictures, it’s compact enough to put on a table, and will always remind you about the people you love that you always take cute pictures with or of. It’s ideal to put multiple pictures on.  This made-in-India product can also be hung on the wall, making it even more compact! This practical and adorable product is a win-win in every situation.

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The Versatile hair kit

Getting ready for a birthday can be overwhelming, you’re turning a year older and you don’t know what outfit can commemorate that, what can possibly be good enough for this birthday? What shoes do you wear? Does the dress make you feel beautiful? There’s a perpetually running dialogue. Happening in most girl’s heads. The hardest decision to make is about hair…do you curl, straighten or crimp? Now, if you’ve said yes. We have found you the best hair care kit in the market, The Vega combo kit has three items in it and is perfect for all styling needs. Birthday gifts that double up as an investment? Hell yeah!

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When it comes to birthdays for yourself, there’s a lot of ways to go. There are spurlges on things you don’t need, essential things you never thought you needed. We wanted to give you a list that wasn’t chock full of cliches but was a personal list. A lot of the birthday gifts people give us can either only be used twice or thrice, which is why we went with products that might be a little on the pricey side but are investments because so often, we give the and receive frivolous birthday gifts that are in no way useful. Feel like we missed anything? Comment below and let us know! 

Get shopping girl!

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