12 Unique Gifts to Give your Girlfriend after a fight!

Make up with your girlfriend, with these cute gift ideas!

Have you ever been in a fight with your girlfriend? Now that I’m done with the rhetorical question. Let’s face it while being in love is incredible in so many ways. It’s also frustrating and impossible. 

Did you never think one person can make you this angry? No, of course not. Every single portraiture of love you see usually has this sickening level happy. But most times, the people you love can make you feel so much more than just love. My mother always says, “It’s easy to love someone you’re dating, but someone who you’re in love with will make you spitting mad and drive you insane because you need to be in love with someone for them to have the ability to make you this exasperated”.

And then come the fights, the screaming, the yelling, the things we say.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend called me. He was frantic, and he had just had the biggest fight with his girlfriend. He had no idea what to do. He had already done the “I’m sorry” phone calls, the “I’m sorry” WhatsApp with not one of them seemed to work. Still, “I’m Sorry” gifts have an extensive history associated with them. Some of them try to say, ” I’m sorry I said that. I didn’t mean it. Others say, “I love you, and I’m an idiot, and I cannot say it, so I’m buying it!”

With this in mind, I made it my goal to find 12 gifts that could conceivably make it better, I don’t guarantee that they will fix it, but they’re a positive step in the right direction. 

Here are fun gift ideas for your angry girlfriend!

Heart mug

While I believe it’s never good to go to bed angry, after some fights, it’s inevitable. Most of the women I know wouldn’t be receptive to an apology until breakfast, or at least coffee. This mug is perfect for someone who loves coffee as much as she loves you. Even the handle is a heart. How cute is that? 

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Balloon Banner

This balloon banner with the “I’m sorry” is great for decor, and the letters can be used to spell “I messed up!” or “I miss you!” It’s relevant and adorable. It does require a certain amount of set-up, yes! But that’s what good apologies are like, they’re layered and thoughtful, and it is what you do after a fight that counts, remembering that will take you a long way.

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Artisinal Chocolate

What says I’m sorry like chocolates? 

Especially because Chocolate boosts the creation of endorphins, famously known as the ‘feel-good’ element of your brain,” Hopefully After eating it, you may experience a more receptive girlfriend, someone who would be amenable to your apology and possibly even a sensation of “elation,” all thanks to the way it tastes. This artisanal Dark Chocolate is available in five varieties, made in India, made by the same methods used in Belgium, the chocolate capital of the world.

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Apology flowers! 

Now, these are a staple, but there’s a science to this. A popular study found that gals who accepted flowers smiled the Duchenne, or brain changing, smile, which is a smile of true happiness correlated with crinkling around the eyes and raising of the cheeks. This smile is associated with positive emotions and related changes in the brain.

Summary: The right flowers tend to do that to a girl, but flowers wilt, and that might dampen her already unhappy heart, which is why I suggest going with these, so as not to miss the golden opportunity to say to your girlfriend, “I will stop loving you when these wilt!”

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Jewellery box

This handmade elephant jewellery box is a great gift. It can be a collection of all the jewellery your girlfriend holds near and dear, a reminder of all the gifts you’ve given her, the brain releases dopamine when it receives a gift, and this might just do the trick. The inner linings are made of red velvet. It has three sections that make it convenient for you to keep your belongings in an uncluttered order.

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Octopus Plushie

This plushie got insanely popular on TikTok the first few weeks of its creation. It can be turned inside out and has mood patterns on either side, and it’s a great way to say how you’re feeling without having to say it—the cutest plushie of all time, the best way to gauge your girlfriend’s mood.

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This “You are my sunshine” music box is a hit!

Music boxes are an insanely romantic concept, always have been.

The music moves to a quiet symphony. 

This is Handheld Music Box: all you have to do is turn the handle, and it will sound like the classic retro song that she can hear and think about you. The box is also tastefully laser cut and serves only to bring a smile to her upset face. It’s these tiny pieces that bring joy, and no one said wooing a woman is inexpensive. This box, however, is a steal for its price.

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Necklace, A world.

Who doesn’t love a little cheese in the morning? This necklace is the best way to say, ” I’m sorry, you’re my heart and my world, and this fight is as stupid as it gets, and I just want you to wear my love and my apology on your neck so that you don’t forget. You can also choose other pieces of jewellery, as a peace offering!

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Heart-Earrings for your Girlfriend!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, even more so when the girl is upset with you. These silver solitaires are a way to your girl’s heart, literally. These heart-shaped zirconia earrings are adorable and let you say cheesy things like “You have my heart!.”

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Processing Journal

Usually, when a couple has a fight, they say some savage things to each other. Any built-up resentment or hurt just hurls itself out of the couple, but figuring out how to heal from that requires some inner work—figuring out how to apologise for the things that were said and damage that was done needs self-reflection, which is where this journal comes in. It helps with the processing and acceptance, but it’s also romantic and beautiful to boot.

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This photo frame is the prettiest waterfall of pictures you’ll ever see. It’s a great note of your best times together and to remind her of how much you’ve loved and how much you’ve grown together, from your first pictures together to the last ones you sent each other, a photo-frame that maps time.

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We started this list with a mug, a clever, fun mug that still reminds her that you’re sorry but also a fun mug, but this one is the ” Baby I’m sorry, forgive me!”or “No matter what, I love you, and I messed up the mug” or even “Even when I scroll amazon, I’m still thinking of you!” mug. If nothing else, she still has to think of you when your girlfriend drinks chai in this!

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And there you have it! Twelve gifts for the angry girlfriend, We went through quite a lot of research, didn’t want you to have to go through a list of cliches, but this list hopefully helps you get over this fight, and we’ll have another article up soon about how to fix a fight with your wife. Well, if things go well. In any case, We would love some feedback; comment below if there are any gifts you would give your angry girlfriend trying to woo her back! Also check out our selection of gifts for the women in your life!

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