10 Gifts for the Gorgeous Women in your life!

How to pamper the women, who make your life beautiful!

There is no feeling like being appreciated, and March 8th produces that opportunity for so many of us to appreciate the women in our life. What started as a single event by the socialist party of America on February 28th, 1909, soon got picked up by german delegates. By 1910, the socialist woman’s conference proposed that woman’s day become a yearly event, that an important day like woman’s day become a yearly affair, an annual celebration of all things Female & Fabulous. In Soviet Russia, after women got the right to vote, March 8th became a national holiday in 1917.

But you must be wondering why I’m talking to you about the history, because all history ties knots to the present, to the women who paved the way for us to breathe easy. Woman’s day has several interpretations; some see it as a sign of celebration, other strife. But all history does is serve to remind us of the women in our lives. The women that help us run, walk, and live life to the greatest of our abilities. From our sisters to our teachers, the women in our life deserve more than just a day, but on this day, we wanted to make a list of gifts that show them how loved they are, surpassing everything else.

Here are a few gifts for women in your life!..

Memories for your Sister!

What relationship as significant as a sister? Someone that understands your family as much as you, more than anyone else. As she steps foot in the real world, you watch with pride and fear. You’re terrified but ecstatic. A sister is the closest thing to a multiplayer game as you can get. Over the years, you’ll watch her play several roles, a girlfriend, a wife, a boss, a teacher, a lawyer that defends you to your parents.

This mini photo will remind her to stop and smell the roses during the chaos that adulthood is. She can connect this compact mini printer to her phone with the “Instax” app. With the ability to print whatever she wants, she takes her life in pictures with her. 


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Mother, the giver of the gift of life!

There are so few words that describe a relationship like the one we share with our mother. She is the first person that knows us, that feels us inside her womb. For a lot of us, she is the person that knows us best, the one that can make us smile even when we cannot imagine smiling. 

Over the ages, she has multiple professions in the house. She’s our doctor, our judge, our first teacher. I wanted to pick a gift that honored that sentiment. The Saregama Caravan preloaded with 5000 songs stood out to us. It is the perfect present for a mother that loves music but doesn’t enjoy streaming, with 130 dedicated stations. She is bound found one to hum along, Available in 6 colors; make sure to pick her favorite!

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The wise, Grandmother!

They say a Grandmother is a mother with a lot of practice.

Indian parents have the habit of saying things like “I’ve seen more life than you”, but if that’s true, your grandmother has twice as much, no? but in case, She has also had more time to shop. Most grandmothers have their distinct style, and this box is a perfect way for her to preserve all the jewelry she holds near and dear! This handcrafted box has three compartments and is great for storing and preserving all her favorite knick-knacks.

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“Great sisters get promoted to aunts” Nothing rings more genuine for aunts, from the cool aunts to the ones that hold us to impossible standards. The Indian aunt is a mystery that not a lot of people can solve. Aunts are usually the first adults outside the nuclear family that spend a lot of time with us. They shape the way we see and think. And if you’re as lucky as you know you are, Your aunt deserves a gift like this! From Mami’s to Chachi’s to Bua’s, Aunts have so many roles, And this Zaveri Pearls set of two earrings are the best gift, Perfect for the fun, quirky aunt who deserves to be appreciated!

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Hate em or love em. You have them. We all have cousins that make us crazy happy or just crazy. This woman’s day, let’s talk about the cousins that are your first real friend, and cousin sisters are just another closet for us to raid, the younger the sister more the chances that she will love your closet and think it’s all cute and vintage, no matter that she’s like two years younger—this woman’s day.

Let’s give your cousin the kind of shares she steals from your or her mother’s closet anyway. A saree is a start, a welcome to adulthood, and what says welcome better than a Womanista Women’s Georgette Saree? This floral mirror design saree is perfect for young girls. It’s fun and flirty and won’t age her. It will, however, teach her responsibility because this can only be hand-washed.

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Best friend

Like family, a sister from another mister. A female best friend is a gift in itself. A best friend pushes you to be the best version of yourself. She knows you like the back of her palm. She knows how to help you when you feel helpless. She buys the extra samosa when you say you aren’t hungry, and it never gets wasted because she knows you that well. A best friend is a mirror. She reflects the best of you, holds you to a standard that you deserve, so you never accept less than you deserve.

March 8th is the time to show her that you know what she wants and needs:  

Is your bestie the kind that never stops singing? Hums while she washes the dishes? Has a concert in her bathroom every night? This karaoke machine is PERFECT for her. The Zoook Rocker Thunder 20 watts Bluetooth Party Speaker was made for women who sing as they breathes constantly. 

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We spend so much time at work. It makes sense that the women we work with start meaning more to us than we first thought they would. We all have that one friend at work without whom we would go crazy. The one who handles things we can’t, the one who teaches us everything we know and learns our mistakes and points them out before anyone else, the one that just gets us! This book is perfect for your work wife, may you stay in business together with her all your life:

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In this age of Girl-boss, a contemporary time with contributions by women being recognized and them getting more leadership roles, It’s almost impossible not to have a kick-ass female boss. While getting gifts for the boss are still taboo, this might be the one day it’s appropriate to get a gift for her. Behind every successful woman is herself, someone who has worked very hard to get where she is. Most bosses appreciate a gift that shows them you respect them and value their input on your work.

This Balzano High-Speed Nutri Blender/Mixer/Juicer/Smoothie Maker is perfect for a boss on the go. It’s great for her to keep in her office, compact enough to not take up too much space, and great for a mid-afternoon break.

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If you went through this list frantically searching for this part, we would applaud you. We saved the best for the last! And we get it! When in a relationship, it’s troublesome to do gifting. There are so many occasions, birthdays and anniversaries and now women’s day too? The gifting list seems endless, and if you get it wrong, you’re doomed! This is where this comes in. This three gift kit is perfect. It has perfume, a watch, and a wallet. A three-in-one with satin packaging, it’s aesthetically pleasing and a grand gift all in all. We would suggest attaching a note making it more personal and loving. 

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Daughter\ Niece 

Even if she’s a baby, your baby will want to be a part of this. She will want to get a gift and feel left out if she doesn’t, and what’s more precious and precocious than a little baby that wants to be a part of the women’s day! We wanted to find a gift that didn’t force her to grow up but was also something we knew she would enjoy while being educational! And after much search, We found the Nourish Black Board Vinyl Wall Sticker. No more drawing on the walls for her! easy on the pocket and a great way to bring a smile to the little one.

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And there you have it! Ten gifts for the ten women in your life, We wanted to make sure we thought of all the relationships that could possibly warrant a gift. We chose a myriad of products that stand out individually. We avoided most of the cliche gifts, and we hope you like them! If we missed a product, tell us in the comments below!

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