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How to Get a Fuller Beard in 30 days; A cheat sheet!

Beard that grows like a charm!

Beard look has been quite a trend this decade! After a season of clean shaved faces, the rugged look is a rather favored appearance on the gentlemen, by the gentlemen.

Facial hair from the jaw, upper and lower lip, cheeks, chins, and necks are all clubbed together as a beard, but that’s not all it is. For a lot of men, their facial hair is how they express themselves. In history, we held societal standards responsible for the public perception of beards at any given time. In many cultures, beards prevailed as a sign of masculinity and virility, and others saw it as a sign of degeneration. While a few cultures mandate it, some now see it as a fashion statement!

All these things are fascinating to know, but let’s not forget, beards require upkeep and attention to make sure they grow healthy and luscious! Contrary to the popular belief, a fuller beard is not effortless. it takes, time, patience, and astounding amounts of care to get the right thickness and shape. Patchy beards are much of a turn-off!

Growing a fuller beard can be a challenge, but nonetheless, it is not unachievable. Here are a few inside secrets we’ve gathered from beard-growing men, who dorn full and thick mustaches and beard!

Is your beard full?

The fullness of your beard depends on three factors

  1. How thick is your facial hair strand and what is the beard hair density?
  2. Is your beard hair healthy?
  3. Is your hair growing curly or straight?

The three questions sufficiently tell you where to start. The growth of a beard depends on two things primarily, Genetics and testosterone levels. Genetics decides to a great extent how your beard will look like. If your father and grandfather boasted a full beard, chances are that you can too. But don’t worry if you don’t really come from a heritage of face full of beards. Your testosterone levels, also decide how facial hair grows. Studies show that higher testosterone levels are linked to more facial hair growth, that is, faster growth that goes longer. So, what are you waiting for? Get on the bench

Apart from this, your maintenance and care go a long way to support these two factors, or oppose them!

Cleaner the face, better the beard!

The health of your skin matters when it comes to beard growth. Cleaning and exfoliating your facial skin regularly will stimulate the growth of facial hair and remove dead cells or ingrown hair, which are the roadblocks to a great beard. Facial hygiene will allow your skin to breathe become the foundation to a great beard!

We like this Sulfate-free Face Wash contains naturals oils that don’t strip away the beard’s essential moisture, providing a fresh and minty musk after treatment. This facewash, with its exhilarating characteristics, makes the face feel minty fresh. It’s great for someone who enjoys fresh and breathy skin. 

beard wash
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Keep your sweat and dirt away!

Your beard hoards a lot of dirt, oil, and even bacteria! Ignoring beard hygiene would mean creating issues for your facial hair to grow properly. Chances are, your sweat and dirt are blocking the pores and not letting your beard bloom in its full glory. A good beard-wash, not only cleans your beard thoroughly but also nourishes it by keeping your natural oils intact.

We truly love this Beard Wash! It is one of the best products out there. The beard wash increases manageability and ensures your facial hair isn’t itchy or dirty. Containing Argan Oil, Juniper berry, Almond Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Jojoba Oil, this beard growth oil is packed with nutrients to sustain and magnify the manageability of your beard.

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Let it Grow!

There is a golden rule to maintaining a beard. Let it grow for at least 28 days! Celebrate a No-Shave-November perhaps? Allow your beard to take form and shape. Nourish it with beard oils to simulate a faster and fuller growth.

We totally root for this amazing beard oil that is bound to give you the results you need. All you have to do is, once you’ve cleaned your beard, use a reasonable amount of beard oil and gently massage it around your beard area with soft circular motions to promote good blood flow and stimulation of hair follicles. The 8 oils secret will be absorbed by your skin and sooner than later, you’ll see a fuller, more dense beard spurting on your face!

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Shape it!

Shaping is essential for growth. Shaping takes away the split and edge servers and gives way to new hair. But, shaping is a task. You can shave too much or mess up and have an uneven beard. This is why shaping should never be done without the Groom Your Beard to the perfect shape. Use the curved side of the beard shaping template for easy use, forming any style. 

Clear view & precise line control – a transparent design of the beard helps to see more of the beard while ensuring the shape stays consistent with your requirements.

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Don’t be prickly pear!

Nobody likes an unkempt, prickly beard. Especially your girlfriend or wife! While The unkempt and messy look is sexy, a beard mustn’t cause irritability or a rug burn. Not only does that feel sharp but it also causes distress due to aridity. The most dependable way to soften a man’s beard hair is by implementing the right amount of dampness and nourishment, and Beardo’s Beard Softener is the most trustworthy product you can buy. It Makes your beard hair soft and refined using Beardo’s Beard Softener, which has non-greasy specifications. It also has natural ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil, Argan oil, Sunflower oil, Camellia seed oil, and Aloe Vera extracts.

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Beard straightener 

Okay, I’m going, to be honest, before I did my research. I had no idea straightening the beard is actually helpful to the growth, that when you open the knots and straighten the beard, you can actually see the length, and it’s easier to cut instead of trim. It’s also a completely new aesthetic, and it has been getting more and more prevalent recently. 

This product is great for styling your beard. You can curl and straighten and crimp your beard, and it provides a level of customization that didn’t exist before this. How hardcore is that?

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Groom Baby Groom!

While we love styling a beard, it needs to exist and be healthy for that to happen, which is where the next product kicks in. This Set of 3 has: 

  1. A 30ml Beard Growth Oil 
  2. A 100ml Beard Activator,
  3. Charcoal Face Wash

This is the Cleanse, activate, grow and decompress products with the most suitable beard blend and nurture kit there is. The Beard Grooming Kit comes with its unique beard oil, which encourages healthy facial growth. The onion oil is specially designed to make your beard aim progress and fast!. It also comes with a flawlessly created aroma that leaves you and your beard smelling pleasant. 

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It is said that brushing your beard not only gives it a proper shape but also gives it definition. Beard brushes make your beard hair manageable and easy to work with.

The Bombay shaving pocket-sized beard brush, this compact fit in your hand brush, is perfect for men on the go. For someone who’s always traveling and appreciates craftsmanship, it’s durable and has a vintage look. The nylon bristles get the knots out and make the intangible possible! They say it takes 100 brushes a day to keep hair healthy. It must take the same for a beard. This is the perfect tool for that, tiny, compact, and perfect! It also exfoliates the skin and banishes any itinerant food particles. 

Or maybe just get it all?

What if we told you, that we know what’s in your mind? You’re thinking you’ll probably get it all sometime later. Sometimes, procrastination gets the best of us!

That’s why…the last product on this list is the Bombay Shaving Company 6-in-1 Complete Beard Care Kit for Cleansing, Growth, Conditioning & Styling. This can also be a great gift for your lads!

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It is so hard to find products that have no side effects because how much testing can be done on beard Products? 

But these products guarantee no side-effects and creates kits that are soothing on your skin and stubble and have no unfavorable reaction. It has a trademarked compound of tropical xyloid notes, like Oriental, Sandalwood, and Musk and Amber. This product is the definition of ha know- it all that has it all. It’s excellent.

This made-in-India kit is everything a beard needs and some it just wants.


What are you waiting for? Go on and get the dream beard you’ve been desiring all this while. Remember, patience and maintenance is the key!

These are all the best beard-care and growth products that we found, and we cannot wait to hear what you have to say about them. Comment below if there’s a product you think we should add to this list! 

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