The British Secret ; Is the Royal Family Racist?

Meghan Markle and Harry reveal secret about the royal family in an interview!

Meghan Markle and Harry reveal secrets about the royal family in an interview!

And while the British would hate it, I’m going to spill some tea. The much-talked-about Interview with Oprah, Meghan Markel and Prince Harry took the internet by a storm. It starts at a friend’s estate. With camera’s rolling, They start talking about what pushed the newest members of the royal family to become the ones to resign from their positions as senior members of the estate.

They talk about how there’s a clear divide between the royal family and the management of the estate. Meghan also says that there was no way to anticipate what was to come. It was a decision they did not come up with lightly. Oprah looked at the mum-to-be and told her how she’s glowing. Meghan says that she and Harry were a whirlwind romance and no guide to marrying a royal. While the fairy-tale world makes it look like all kinds of dreamy, the reality is a world where Meghan had to give her car keys, drivers licence and passport up while she stayed in the palace. 

Meghan made a point when she said that she went into this family with naïve notions of nobility. She didn’t do any research and, above all, expected protection. She goes on to say how that broke her heart most of all, that no one protected her. There’s a difference between public perception and reality, but the suits star says that she was being judged on the perception of what her life was like. While the prince and Meghan got together because they aligned together in the best of ways, there was no way to know what life at the palace would be like on a daily basis. There was a misalignment in expectations.

What shook us?

There’s a part in the Interview where Meghan says that the first time she met the Queen wasn’t a planned event, it was when she was in the car, and they found out the Queen was coming. In the car, Harry asked Meghan if she could curtsy, she laughed, but as it turns out, he was serious. She then said, ” That’s your grandmother! and he responded, “No, that’s the queen.”

As the interview went on, it was brought up how there was polarity in how the media talked about her and her sister-in-law Kate Middleton. They were pit against each other over-and-over again. Oprah brought up the fact that the way the media did the reporting was racist and sexist and how it must have been exhausting to be repeatedly threatened and bullied.

” I grew up in LA, I saw famous people all the time, But this was a entirely different ballgame.”-Meghan Markle

What happened at the wedding? Did Meghan make Kate cry?

Six months after the Royal wedding, an article came out about the Suits actress making the duchess cry. At the time, Meghan wasn’t allowed to comment on it, and it just seemed like another awful thing that the media wrote about her, but as it turns out. It was the other way around. Kate was responsible for making the bride-to-be cry, she apologized and sent flowers, but it was in a long-line of rumours that painted the actress in a bad light. 

The Secret Wedding?

Three days before the giant royal Wedding, Harry and Meghan had a secret ceremony. It was just the couple and the archbishop. It was private, and that is the way the couple wanted it, they were aware that the world was looking forward to this, but they genuinely wanted a small moment just for each other.

Meghan was the second person of colour to be a part of the royal family. The first was Queen Charlotte, (yes the city is named after her!), but Meghan was a divorcee, an actress, very far from what the royal family wanted or expected as a bahu. Her first job was at the age of 16. She worked her whole life but was willing to give all that up for fundamental respect.

Royal Family Harry and Meghan wedding 


Why was she silent?

For the first couple of months, all seemed wholesome at the palace and within the royal family. The newly-weds were happy and only responding with smiles and no comments. What changed?

Meghan says, ” There were things I was allowed to say and things I wasn’t, and I went along with it for the most part. But, I’m also an advocate for women’s empowerment, and here I was, silent. 

“Were you silent or silenced?”

“The latter” responded Meghan.


After years of drowning in the “no comments” life, we see Meghan happy in this Interview. She has lost so much to be a part of this institution, her career, her life before. She wasn’t allowed to visit with friends because the institution feared over-saturation. With all the hate Meghan was receiving, her friends would call often, they were concerned, and she would say, “Don’t worry, I’m being protected!” as she said this, her face broke down. She seemed genuinely heartbroken that the one thing she wanted to believe wasn’t correct. 

What was said about the Queen?

Both harry and Meghan maintained that the Queen was lovely, and at the first event with Meghan, she bought her a pearl set, shared her blanket and in all was very loving and kind towards them, and Harry says that they talk more than they’ve ever spoken when they both lived in the palace. 

What happened to Meghan’s mental health?

After subjugation to endless online torture, Meghan got to a state where she could no longer handle her mental health. The reports about her were racist and sexist, and she spent so much time trying to train herself not to feel bad about it, but it affected her. she tried not to let it affect her, Meghan stopped reading the newspaper. But her friends would call her, and they would all be so concerned, could no longer lie to them and say that she was being protected because it was evident to the entire world that she wasn’t.

It got to a point where she said, “You know what? I can’t do this anymore”, and that was the night Meghan and Harry were supposed to go to a Gala. He said, “if you are not feeling well, you can stay home, but Meghan wasn’t okay. She was in such a state of pain that she said she couldn’t trust herself to stay home and alone. It got to a point where Meghan said, “It was my job to keep going.” 

Of course, they were concerns, she asked for help, she said that she needed to be institutionalized, but her concerns kept getting ignored. The bullying online made her suicidal she went to HR, and it got to a point where she was just so tired of being attacked for no reason.

” I lost so much, my father, a baby, my life!

What are the accusations of racism about?

As the interview went on, Meghan talks about how they were concerned about how dark the skin colour of her soon to be born child would be and how he would look.

Oprah was shocked to know this and didn’t know what to say. At which point Meghan said, ” I am sorry it’s shocked you but it’s true”, Even after this, they waited for a year and finally moved out. They soon talked about how it would be impossible to give a title to the young princes son and how there is a relationship between the palace. The tabloids were having a holiday party at the palace every year describe the fact that they were racist towards Meghan, and there wasn’t a consequence for them, another aspect that made it all the more racist.

How would Princes Diana feel about all this?

After being financially cut off by the palace on the decision of the Royal Family, Prince Harry depends heavily on princess Diana’s money left to him. When asked what she would think of this, he said, “She would be so angry about the way things turned out and she saw it coming long before any of us”. Despite it being my whole life, I feel trapped, and I didn’t realize I was trapped until Meghan pointed it out.


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What has happened since?

Meghan Markle Files Complaint About UK TV Host Piers Morgan, who claimed that Meghan was never Suicidal and this was all a way to seek attention, In response, Piers Morgan left his role as host of Good Morning Britain on Tuesday following a brutal attack on Sussex’s Duchess’s audience with Oprah Winfrey.

The Queen responds- ‘The whole Royal family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan,’ the Buckingham Palace statement indicates. While some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and privately addressed by the family.

The internet flooded with memes about the drama in the royal famiily, we found the best ones for you,

These memes about the royal family haves us rolling on the floor!


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And there you have it! We wish the Couple congratulations on the baby-girl they’re about to have, This is All the information about this Royal Family Drama, tell us if we left something out in the comments!

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